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Brumowski Air Base - Austria IATA, ICAO, FAA Code Information

IATA, ICAO, FAA Code of Brumowski Air Base - Austria

Brumowski Air Base [LOXT] - Airport Detailed Information
Airport NameBrumowski Air Base
Airport ICAO Code
FAA Code
Primary Run Away4593 ft
Airport Timezone
Contact Number of Airport
Country CodeAT

    The Brumowski Air Base Airport codes represent the identifiers of the Brumowski Air Base in Austria and globally -
  • The ICAO code LOXT is a 4 digit code for Brumowski Air Base, Austria. This code LOXT is used to identify flight stations, weather stations, flight information, and regional control centers of airports in Austria.

Do you know the Austria is part of Europe continent, and the timezone in capital Vienna is Europe/Vienna.

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Other Airports List in - Austria

# Airport Name City IATA Code Country Code
1 Aigen im Ennstal Aigen im Ennstal Austria [AT]
2 Bodenlandeplatz Ground Landing Area Klagenfurt Austria [AT]
3 Brumowski Air Base Langenlebarn Austria [AT]
4 Christophorus 16 Oberwart Austria [AT]
5 Dobersberg Dobersberg Austria [AT]
6 Eferding Eferding Austria [AT]
7 Europa 3 Flugplatz Suben Austria [AT]
8 Feldkirchen Aerodrome Feldkirchen Austria [AT]
9 Flugplatz Punitz Punitz Austria [AT]
10 Flugplatz Reutte Höfen Reutte Austria [AT]
11 Freistadt Freistadt Austria [AT]
12 Fuerstenfeld Fuerstenfeld Austria [AT]
13 Glainach Ferlach Austria [AT]
14 Gmunden Laakirchen Gmunden Austria [AT]
15 Graz Graz GRZ Austria [AT]
16 Hartberg LKH Austria [AT]
17 Hat Tux Madseit Austria [AT]
18 Hb Hofkirchen Hofkirchen Austria [AT]
19 Hinterstoisser Air Base Zeltweg Austria [AT]
20 Hirt Friesach Austria [AT]
21 Hohenems Dornbirn Hohenems / Dornbirn HOH Austria [AT]
22 Innsbruck Innsbruck INN Austria [AT]
23 Kapfenberg Kapfenberg Austria [AT]
24 Kirchheim Ried Austria [AT]
25 Klagenfurt Klagenfurt am Wörthersee KLU Austria [AT]
26 Krems Krems Austria [AT]
27 Kufstein Kufstein Austria [AT]
28 Langkampfen Kufstein Austria [AT]
29 Langkampfen Au Langkampfen Austria [AT]
30 Lauterach Lauterach QLX Austria [AT]
31 Leopoldsdorf Leopoldsdorf Austria [AT]
32 Linz Hörsching Linz LNZ Austria [AT]
33 Linz Ost Linz Austria [AT]
34 Mariazell Mariazell Austria [AT]
35 Mauterndorf Mauterndorf Austria [AT]
36 Mayerhofen Mayerhofen Austria [AT]
37 Micheldorf Micheldorf Austria [AT]
38 Niederöblarn Niederöblarn Austria [AT]
39 Niederoeblarn Niederoeblarn Austria [AT]
40 Nikolsdorf Lienz Austria [AT]
41 Nötsch Im Gailtal Nötsch Im Gailtal Austria [AT]
42 Ottenschlag Ottenschlag Austria [AT]
43 Pinkafeld Pinkafeld Austria [AT]
44 Reutte Reutte Austria [AT]
45 Salzburg Salzburg SZG Austria [AT]
46 Schaerding Suben Schaerding / Suben Austria [AT]
47 Scharnstein Scharnstein Austria [AT]
48 Segelflugfeld Altlichtenwarth Altlichtenwarth Austria [AT]
49 Seitenstetten Seitenstetten Austria [AT]
50 Spitzerberg Spitzerberg Austria [AT]

FAQ - Related To Brumowski Air Base - Airport

  • What is the ICAO Code of Brumowski Air Base - AT airport?

    The ICAO Code of Brumowski Air Base - AT is LOXT.

  • Which airport is the ICAO code LOXT for?

    The LOXT ICAO code is assigned for Brumowski Air Base Airport, Austria.

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