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The firstbankn is a platform that provides international codes of Zip Codes and their location with accurate location of latitude and longitude, Registered currency codes of Country, Indian Banks Swift Code and MICR Codes, BSB Numbers of Aus Banks, Bank Information, USA & Canada Banks routing numbers, transit numbers of Canada banks, UK banks sort codes.

In this world, every country has some unique and specified codes for Banks, ISO Codes, Area Codes, Airport Codes, Languages, Dialling prefixes, Flags, ccTLD [Country Code Top Level Domain], Language Code, Currency codes, Country Code for differentiating them. For sharing the information from one country to another country, Transferring funds across the border we must need these kinds of codes to identify that particular region's banks or codes.

These codes are in accordance with the laws established by the International Standards Organization for that country or region.

Dialing Codes - Get International dialing number standards

The most revolutionary work that has happened in this century is that of a mobile phone. Now we can not only be limited to ourselves but can connect with people from all over the world through mobile, we can call our loved ones through phone within 1 minute.

But it is not a problem to make a phone call only in the same region or country, but when we have to make it to another country across the border, it is necessary that we can use the standard codes assigned by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) then call in the region. Before dialing the number of the other country, we have to put some international codes in the prefix, which you can find on this website.

Here you will check dialling codes for international country and get information about how to call from one country to other.

International Zip Codes - Get All Over World Postal, Pin Codes

The ZIP code, also known as a postal code or postcode, is basically a unique alphanumeric number to identify some particular area or postal mails destination in that country. This code is usually assigned by geographic area to determine that specific postal address in the country.

All around the world there are different terms uses for ZIP Code like in India - PIN, Canada - Postal Codes, Brazil - CEP, etc. My Bank Detail has a huge collection of Zip or post codes of all countries around the world.

Airport Codes - Get All Over World Airports Location, Official Website, Phone Number

Almost all authorized airports in the world are given a unique code by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration Code). These codes are given to the Organization International Airports keeping in mind the region and the place. The IATA code is normally 3 letters and the ICAO code is 4 letters. You can find all these international Airport codes on our website.

Area Codes - Search Country specific area codes

The Area code is usually a series of defined numbers in a given place. Area code is also used for making phone calls. For example, if we have to make a phone call in another county or any remote area, then the area code used for that specific place can be used to make a phone call in that area. firstbankn gives you all the area codes used by regions around the world.

UK Sort Codes - Australia BSB Numbers - IFSC Codes - Swift Codes - Bank Branches - Routing Numbers

Banks provide a very important role in money transactions, whether it is the local branches or any other corner of the world. But the most important thing is that for the bank where we have to deal with money or to the bill, to give EMI, it is very important for us to have the appropriate information of that bank, here you have their codes related to banks such as Swift Codes of all country, IFSC code - Indian Banks, BSB number - Australia, sort codes - UK and information about their contact number will be found. For indian bank ifsc, micr codes Ifsc code is a similar website as mycodedetail.

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