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This website provides brief information about Postal code or Zip code, of 48 countries around the world and a collection of Zip codes, for almost all of the more than 814,863 zip codes data in the list.

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It is often seen that zip codes, postal codes, post codes, pin codes are assigned to the geographic area of that country/region, and the specific code sometimes refers to a personal address or organization, a government agency, or a commercial company. Those who receive mail or send from one address to another.

Postal codes are many letters or numbers, and most zip codes are system numbers, only a few countries have alphanumeric codes.

All country do not use the same term as ZIP code [US], here are some of the countries that use a different term for zip code -

  • CAP term used in italy for zip code.
  • PIN term used in India for zip code, PIN also called for Postal Index Number.
  • Eircode term used in Ireland for zip code.
  • Postcode term used in Netherlands for zip code and also many other countries.
  • Postal code term used in Canada for zip code.

ZIP, Postal Codes, Post Office, State, Country Details

# ZIP | Postal Code Post Office | Place | City Name Address [Level - 1, State] Country Code
1 9015 ALMA GRANDE Santa Cruz Argentina [AR]
2 2443 Stotzing Burgenland Austria [AT]
3 2600 Yarralumla Australian Capital Territory Australia [AU]
4 6043 Ransart Wallonie Belgium [BE]
5 8525 Пещерско / Peshhersko Бургас / Burgas Bulgaria [BG]
6 64285-000 Sigefredo Pacheco Piaui Brazil [BR]
7 6512 Giubiasco Ticino Switzerland [CH]
8 917010 La Pedrera Amazonas Colombia [CO]
9 100 00 Praha 10-Vinohrady Hlavní město Praha Czech Republic [CZ]
10 01983 Großräschen Brandenburg Germany [DE]
11 8799 Tunø Region Midtjylland Denmark [DK]
12 26063 Ouled Brahim Medea Algeria [DZ]
13 61605 Enno Tartu maakond Estonia [EE]
14 46295 Sellent Comunidad Valenciana Spain [ES]
15 00130 Helsinki Uusimaa Finland [FI]
16 45503 CEDEX Gien Centre-Val de Loire France [FR]
17 DN14 Laxton England UK [GB]
18 43000 Kokinac Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska Croatia [HR]
19 3721 Felsőnyárád Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Hungary [HU]
20 248005 Balawala Uttarakhand India [IN]
21 67020 San Benedetto In Perillis Abruzzi Italy [IT]
22 273-0048 Maruyama Chiba Ken Japan [JP]
23 12974 하남시 경기도 South Korea [KR]
24 20032 Halloluwa Central Province Sri Lanka [LK]
25 19026 Šeipūnų k. Vilniaus apskritis Lithuania [LT]
26 L-8369 Hivange Capellen Luxembourg [LU]
27 LV-2118 Jaksti Salaspils nov. Latvia [LV]
28 66052 Niños Héroes Nuevo León Mexico [MX]
29 89707 Bongawan Sabah Malaysia [MY]
30 7755 Dalerveen Drenthe Netherlands [NL]
31 6515 Kristiansund N Møre og Romsdal Norway [NO]
32 0630 Browns Bay Auckland New Zealand [NZ]
33 06421 Chala Boyan Cajamarca Peru [PE]
34 4330 Mauban Philippines [PH]
35 10020 Barnala Norhern Punajb Rawalpindi Pakistan [PK]
36 84-107 K?anino Pomerania Poland [PL]
37 2080-303 Azeitada Santarém Portugal [PT]
38 510011 Alba Iulia Alba Romania [RO]
39 162385 Первомайское Вологодская Область Russia [RU]
40 186 36 Vallentuna Stockholm Sweden [SE]
41 018926 Park Street Singapore [SG]
42 974 01 Senica Banskobystrický kraj Slovakia [SK]
43 10160 Nong Khaem Bangkok Thailand [TH]
44 01660 Bahçecik Adana Turkey [TR]
45 89430 Галоч (Галоцька сільська рада) Zakarpatska Ukraine [UA]
46 16820 Aaronsburg PA US [US]
47 55000 Sarandi De Cuaro Artigas Uruguay [UY]
48 0018 Pretoria South Africa [ZA]

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