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This Sort Codes lookup tool helps you find all the Sort Codes of the UK banks and also shows you detailed information like the phone numbers, CHAPS BIC Code, swift Code and other useful information of all the local banks in UK.

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Find All 14528 UK banks Sort Codes, CHAPS BIC Code, Branch and more information

This website provides an easy way to find the sort codes of banks in the UK, with this website you can also easily search bank branch by narrow down searches of any bank. The sort code is a six-digit code that allows easy identification of the bank and its branch. The first number sort codes and in some cases the first two digits make the banks easily recognizable.

The sort code is used by British and Irish banks to direct money transfer from one bank to another in their country.

United Kingdom Bank - Sort Codes, Bank Name, City Address, Branch Details

# Sort Code Bank Name City Branch - Office Address
1 119150 Halifax Edinburgh I F Commission
2 119149 Halifax - Sjpb Asu Sub Accounts
3 119147 Halifax - If Asu Sub Accounts
4 119146 Halifax - Sjpb Asu
5 119145 Halifax Edinburgh I F Asu
6 119144 Halifax - Sjpb Credit Cards
7 119140 Halifax Edinburgh I F Credit Cards
8 119139 Halifax - Sjpb Loan Accounts
9 119135 Halifax Edinburgh I F Loan A/C
10 119134 Halifax - Sjpb Loans
11 119130 Halifax - I F Loans
12 119129 Halifax - Sjpb Mortgage Accounts
13 119125 Halifax Edinburgh I F Mortgage A/C
14 119124 Halifax - Sjpb Mortgages
15 119120 Halifax Edinburgh I F Mortgages
16 119119 Halifax - Sjpb Savings Accounts
17 119115 Halifax Edinburgh I F Savings A/C
18 119114 Halifax - Sjpb Savings Plans
19 119110 Halifax Edinburgh I F Savings
20 119100 Halifax Edinburgh If Current Account
21 119109 Halifax - Sjpb Current Accounts
22 118985 Halifax Leeds York (Hps)
23 118979 Halifax Leeds Yarm (Hps)
24 118939 Halifax Leeds Worthing L'hampton (Hps)
25 118938 Halifax Leeds Whitstable (Hea)
26 118936 Halifax Leeds Worthing Central (Hea)
27 118932 Halifax Leeds Wolverhampton (Hps)
28 118931 Halifax Leeds Wednesfield (Hps)
29 118930 Halifax Leeds Yardley (Hps)
30 118928 Halifax Leeds West Drayton (Frank Farr)
31 118927 Halifax Leeds West Bromwich (Hps)
32 118926 Halifax Leeds Walsall (Hps)
33 118924 Halifax Leeds Uxbridge (Frank Farr)
34 118917 Halifax Leeds Worthing Broadwater (Hea)
35 118915 Halifax Leeds Windlesham (Hps)
36 118916 Halifax Leeds Woolton (Hea)
37 118907 Halifax Leeds Wotton Under Edge (Hps)
38 118904 Halifax Leeds Worksop (Hps)
39 118889 Halifax Leeds Wombwell
40 118887 Halifax Leeds Wollaton (Hps)
41 118884 Halifax Leeds Withington (Hea)
42 118879 Halifax Leeds Winsford (Hps)
43 118877 Halifax Leeds Gateshead District (118877)
44 118875 Halifax Leeds Windsor (Hps)
45 118873 Halifax Leeds Winchester (Hps)
46 118868 Halifax Leeds Hull City (118868)
47 118864 Halifax Leeds Wigston Hps
48 118863 Halifax Leeds Wigan (Hps)
49 118862 Halifax Leeds Widnes (Hps)
50 118854 Halifax Leeds Whitley Bay Park View

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