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Here you will find the country codes or dialing code for all countries in the world. You need to follow up with some simple steps to get the dialing codes on this page.

Below are the steps to find the dialling code for any country in our database -

  1. Select the country that are you calling from
  2. Select the country that are you going to call
  3. You can also select the Country/District/region to see the area code of that particular region

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Internationl standards for dialing codes

Some standards are set by the International Organization for the selection of telephones from one country to another. They are like this -

ISD code or exit code - This is the starting code for dialing a numeric code that shows how you want to call outside the country and other countries in which you are currently located.

Country Code - Enter the country code of the country to which you want to call the unique country code.

Area Code - This is the code of a part of the county/region/block in-country.

Local Number - The local phone number of a user from other side users.

Let's understand with the help of an example of how we can call abroad, we will take a scenario that how to call Dehradun - India from the US -

US subscriber should dial this format of the number to call Dehradun - India

  • 011
    Exit Code
  • 91
    Country Code
  • 135
    Area Code [Dehradun]
  • 95688XXXXX
    Local Number

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