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Nova Lisboa - Angola IATA, ICAO, FAA Code Information

IATA, ICAO, FAA Code of Nova Lisboa - Angola

Nova Lisboa [NOV] - Airport Detailed Information
Airport NameNova Lisboa
Airport ICAO Code
FAA Code
Primary Run Away3281 ft
Airport Timezone
Contact Number of Airport
Country CodeAO

    The Nova Lisboa Airport codes represent the identifiers of the Nova Lisboa in Angola and globally -
  • The IATA code NOV is for Nova Lisboa, Angola. This code NOV is used for location identification of Nova Lisboa Airport.
  • The ICAO code FNHU is a 4 digit code for Nova Lisboa, Angola. This code FNHU is used to identify flight stations, weather stations, flight information, and regional control centers of airports in Angola.

Do you know the Angola is part of Africa continent, and the timezone in capital Luanda is Africa/Luanda.

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Other Airports List in - Angola

# Airport Name City IATA Code Country Code
1 Ambriz Ambriz AZZ Angola [AO]
2 Andulo ANL Angola [AO]
3 Benguela Benguela BUG Angola [AO]
4 Cabinda Cabinda CAB Angola [AO]
5 Cabo Ledo Cabo Ledo Angola [AO]
6 Cacolo Cacolo Angola [AO]
7 Cafunfo Cafunfo CFF Angola [AO]
8 Cahama Cahama Angola [AO]
9 Camabatela Camabatela Angola [AO]
10 Camaxilo Camaxilo CXM Angola [AO]
11 Camembe Camembe Angola [AO]
12 Cangamba Cangamba CNZ Angola [AO]
13 Capanda Capanda KNP Angola [AO]
14 Catumbela Catumbela CBT Angola [AO]
15 Cazombo Cazombo CAV Angola [AO]
16 Chitato Chitato PGI Angola [AO]
17 Cuito Cuanavale Cuito Cuanavale CTI Angola [AO]
18 Damba Damba Angola [AO]
19 Dirico Dirico DRC Angola [AO]
20 Dundo Chitato DUE Angola [AO]
21 Jamba Jamba JMB Angola [AO]
22 Kuito Kuito SVP Angola [AO]
23 Lobito Lobito Angola [AO]
24 Luau Luau UAL Angola [AO]
25 Lubango Lubango SDD Angola [AO]
26 Lucapa Lucapa LBZ Angola [AO]
27 Luena Luena LUO Angola [AO]
28 Lumbala Lumbala GGC Angola [AO]
29 Luzamba Luzamba LZM Angola [AO]
30 Malanje Malanje MEG Angola [AO]
31 Maquela do Zombo Maquela do Zombo Angola [AO]
32 Matala Matala Angola [AO]
33 Mbanza Congo Mbanza Congo SSY Angola [AO]
34 Menongue Menongue SPP Angola [AO]
35 Namibe Namibe MSZ Angola [AO]
36 Ndalatandos Ndalatandos NDF Angola [AO]
37 Negage Negage GXG Angola [AO]
38 Ngiva Ngiva NGV Angola [AO]
39 Ngjiva Pereira Ngiva VPE Angola [AO]
40 Nova Lisboa Huambo NOV Angola [AO]
41 Nzagi Nzagi Angola [AO]
42 Nzeto N\'zeto ARZ Angola [AO]
43 Porto Amboim Port Amboim PBN Angola [AO]
44 Quatro de Fevereiro Luanda LAD Angola [AO]
45 Sanza Pombo Sanza Pombo Angola [AO]
46 Saurimo Saurimo VHC Angola [AO]
47 Soyo Soyo SZA Angola [AO]
48 Sumbe Sumbe NDD Angola [AO]
49 Toto Toto Angola [AO]
50 Uige Uige UGO Angola [AO]

FAQ - Related To Nova Lisboa - Airport

  • What is the IATA Code of Nova Lisboa - AO airport?

    The IATA Code of Nova Lisboa - AO is NOV.

  • Which airport is the IATA code NOV for?

    The NOV IATA code is assigned for Nova Lisboa Airport, Angola.

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